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Anger Management

Season 2 | Season 1


# Episode Amount Subtitles
2x90 Charlie & The 100th Episode 2 en     ro 
2x89 Charlie and the Sexy Swing Vote 2 en     ro 
2x88 Charlie Gets Tied Up with A Catholic Girl 2 en     ro 
2x87 Charlie and The Epic Relationship Fail 2 en     ro 
2x86 Charlie Meets his Match 2 en     ro 
2x85 Charlie's Living the Dream 2 en     ro 
2x84 Charlie Gets In Bed with Jordan's Ex 2 en     ro 
2x83 Charlie & The Return of the Danger Girl 3 en  gr   ro 
2x82 Charlie Rolls The Dice in Vegas 3 en    tr ro 
2x81 Charlie & The Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Thanksgiving 3 en    tr ro 
2x80 Charlie and Lacey Go For Broke 3 en    tr ro 
2x79 Charlie Gets Patrick High 2 en     ro 
2x78 Charlie and the Houseful of Hookers 3 en    tr ro 
2x77 Charlie and The Curse of the Flying Fist 3 en    tr ro 
2x76 Charlie and The Revenge of the Hot Nerd 3 en    tr ro 
2x75 Charlie Plays Hide And Go Cheat 3 en    tr ro 
2x74 Charlie Pledges a Sorority Sister 2 en     ro 
2x73 Charlie and the Case of the Curious Hottie 2 en     ro 
2x72 Charlie Gets Trashed 2 en     ro 
2x71 Charlie and the Temper of Doom 2 en     ro 
2x70 Charlie and The Warden's Dirty Secret 2 en     ro 
2x69 Charlie Does Time With the Hot Warden 2 en     ro 
2x68 Charlie Gets Between Sean and Jordan 2 en     ro 
2x67 Charlie and the Psychic Therapist 2 en     ro 
2x66 Charlie Tests His Will Power 2 en     ro 
2x65 Charlie and the Lap Dance of Doom 2 en     ro 
2x64 Charlie Has a Threesome 2 en     ro 
2x63 Charlie and Sean's Twisted Sister 2 en     ro 
2x62 Charlie and the Mother of All Sessions 2 en     ro 
2x61 Charlie, Lacey and the Dangerous Plumber 2 en     ro 
2x60 Charlie Cops a Feel 2 en     ro 
2x59 Charlie Screws a Prisoners Girlfriend 2 en     ro 
2x58 Charlie Spends the Night with Lacey 2 en     ro 
2x57 Charlie Catches Jordan in the Act 2 en     ro 
2x56 Charlie and the Re-Virginized Hooker 2 en     ro 
2x55 Charlie and Jordan Go to Prison 2 en     ro 
2x54 Charlie Gets Date Rated 2 en     ro 
2x53 Charlie and His Probation Officer's Daughter 2 en     ro 
2x52 Charlie and the Hot Latina 2 en     ro 
2x51 Charlie and The Last Temptation of Eugenio 2 en     ro 
2x50 Charlie and Sean Fight Over a Girl 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x49 Charlie and the Twins 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x48 Charlie Sets Jordan Up With A Serial Killer 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x47 Charlie and the Pajama Intervention 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x46 Charlie and the Christmas Hooker 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x45 Charlie and Lacey Shack Up 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x44 Charlie Does It for Science 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x43 Charlie Loses His Virginity Again 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x42 Charlie Helps Lacey Stay Rich 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x41 Charlie and Sean and the Battle of the Exes 3 en   hu  ro 
2x40 Charlie and the Devil 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x39 Charlie and the Hooker 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x38 Charlie and the Sex Addict 3 en   hu  ro 
2x37 Charlie's New Sex Study Partner 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x36 Charlie and the Grad Student 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x35 Charlie Gets The Party Started 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x34 Charlie and the Sting 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x33 Charlie and Kate Do It For Money 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x32 Charlie and the Prison Riot 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x31 Charlie Kills His Ex's Sex Life 4 en fr  hu  ro 
2x30 Charlie and the Virgin 3 en   hu  ro 
2x29 Charlie and the Hit and Run 3 en   hu  ro 
2x28 Charlie and the Cheating Patient 3 en   hu  ro 
2x27 Charlie Dates a Serial Killer’s Sister 3 en   hu  ro 
2x26 Charlie and the Hot Nerd 3 en   hu  ro 
2x25 Charlie and the Airport Sext 3 en   hu  ro 
2x24 Charlie and His New Friend with Benefits 3 en   hu  ro 
2x23 Charlie & The Secret Gigolo 3 en   hu  ro 
2x22 Charlie and Kate Start a Sex Study 3 en   hu  ro 
2x21 Charlie & His New Therapist 3 en   hu  ro 
2x20 Charlie Breaks Up With Kate 3 en   hu  ro 
2x19 Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic 3 en   hu  ro 
2x18 Charlie and the Break Up Coach 3 en   hu  ro 
2x17 Charlie Lets Kate Take Charge 3 en   hu  ro 
2x16 Charlie and Kate's Dirty Pictures 3 en   hu  ro 
2x15 Charlie's Patients Hook Up 3 en   hu  ro 
2x14 Charlie and Kate Horse Around 3 en   hu  ro 
2x13 Charlie and Lacey Piss Off the Neighborhood 3 en   hu  ro 
2x12 Charlie Gets Lindsay Lohan Into Trouble 3 en   hu  ro 
2x11 Charlie Dates Crazy, Sexy, Angry 3 en   hu  ro 
2x10 Charlie & Catholicism 3 en   hu  ro 
2x09 Charlie is an Expert Witness 3 en   hu  ro 
2x08 Charlie and Cee Lo 3 en   hu  ro 
2x07 Charlie Dates a Teacher 3 en   hu  ro 
2x06 Charlie And Deception Therapy 3 en   hu  ro 
2x05 Charlie & Jen Together Again 3 en   hu  ro 
2x04 Charlie’s Dad Breaks Bad 4 en  gr hu  ro 
2x03 Charlie and the Ex-Patient 3 en   hu  ro 
2x02 Charlie's Dad Starts to Lose It 3 en   hu  ro 
2x01 Charlie Loses it at a Baby Shower 3 en   hu  ro 
All episodes 6 en fr gr hu tr ro