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Persona 4

Season 1

# Episode Amount Subtitles
1x25 We Can Change The World 0  
1x24 The World is Full of Shit 0  
1x23 In Order to Find the Truth 1 gr 
1x22 It's just like Heaven 1 gr 
1x20 We'll all meet at the AMAGIYA Hotel 1 gr 
1x19 It's School Festival Day! Time to Have Fun! 1 gr 
1x18 Anniversary to Become a Family 1 gr 
1x17 I Want to Know the Truth 1 gr 
1x16 Although the Case was Closed 1 gr 
1x15 The Long-Awaited School Trip 1 gr 
1x14 A Stormy Summer Vacation 2/2 1 gr 
1x13 A Stormy Summer Vacation 1/2 1 gr 
1x12 It's Not Empty At All 1 gr 
1x11 Catch Me If You Can 1 gr 
1x10 Real Me Doesn`t Exist 1 gr 
1x09 No one sees the real me 1 gr 
1x08 We've lost something important again 1 gr 
1x07 Suspicious Tropical Paradise 1 gr 
1x06 I`ll beat you, and beat you good 1 gr 
1x05 Would You Love Me? 1 gr 
1x04 Somewhere Not Here 1 gr 
1x03 We Are Friends, Aren`t We? 1 gr 
1x02 The Contractor's Key 1 gr 
1x01 You're Myself, I'm Yourself 1 gr 
All episodes 1 gr