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Dragon Ball

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# Episode Amount Subtitles
5x31 The End, The Beginning 1 gr 
5x30 Mystery Of The Dark World 1 gr 
5x29 Outrageous Octagon 1 gr 
5x28 The Fire-Eater 1 gr 
5x27 Dress in Flames 1 gr 
5x26 The Victor 1 gr 
5x25 Goku Hangs On 1 gr 
5x24 Goku's Trap 1 gr 
5x23 Junior no More 1 gr 
5x22 Super Kamehameha 1 gr 
5x21 Battle for the Future 1 gr 
5x20 Kami vs Piccolo 1 gr 
5x19 The Four Faces of Tien 1 gr 
5x18 Goku Gains Speed 1 gr 
5x17 Rematch 1 gr 
5x16 The Mysterious Hero 1 gr 
5x15 Anonymous Proposal 1 gr 
5x14 Tien Shinhan vs Mercenary Tao 1 gr 
5x13 Battle of Eight 1 gr 
5x12 Preliminary Peril 1 gr 
5x11 Changes 1 gr 
5x10 Hotter Than Lava 1 gr 
5x09 Walking Their own Ways 1 gr 
5x08 Goku's Doll? 1 gr 
5x07 The Time Room 1 gr 
5x06 Secret of the Woods 1 gr 
5x05 Quicker Than Lightning 1 gr 
5x04 Eternal Dragon Resurrected 1 gr 
5x03 Earth's Guardian Emerges 1 gr 
5x02 Temple Above the Clouds 1 gr 
5x01 Lost and Found 1 gr 
All episodes 1 gr